2020 Grand Final Winner

Jeanette Akua is Miss Universe Great Britain 2020

2011 - After graduating from highschool, Jeanette took a leap of faith and moved from South Africa to pursue her dreams in London. She had always dreamt of "making it big" and arrived with one suitcase but ready to take on the world. She remembers standing outside the Sony Music HQ with a poster saying "Need Record Deal ASAP, Or Parents Will Make Me Study Medicine".

2012 - Jeanette spent her first two years in the UK singing and performing at open mic nights all over London and auditioning in hopes of getting a big break. She worked as a waitress, receptionist and beauty consultant part time for income.

2013 – Jeanette auditioned for the X Factor UK and made it to the top 10 live finals. She was mentored by Gary Barlow and Nicole Scherzinger and performed at Wembley Arena, toured the UK, travelled the world as part of the experience.

2014-2017: Jeanette describes 2014 as ‘one of the darkest years’ of her life. She went from living her dream as a rising pop singer to living back at her parent's house - broke, unemployed and unsure of her next move. It was at this point that she began studying for a degree in economics and business.

2017 – While still a student, Jeanette auditioned for Britain's Got Talent and remembers Simon Cowell pointing at her and saying "You are going to be a world class star’. Jeanette made is to the programme’s semi-finals and even though the journey was short lived, she loved every moment of it. Not long after, Jeanette started her second degree - a master's in international economic policy and analysis.

2019 – Jeanette landed a job as a business development manager at a leading economic consultancy firm where she is now one of the youngest managers at the firm She continues to write and independently release her own music - which has amassed more than a million streams. She also started her "Be Audacious" campaign to share her own story of resilience and also the stories of the many unsung heroines.

…and in 2021 Jeanette was crowned Miss Universe Great Britain!

Jeanette’s message is: “Never accept the boxes that society tries to put you in. We don't have to choose one version of who we want to be. Women are multi-faceted and there is beauty in celebrating our many layers.”

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