Miss Universe GB Voting

Miss Universe GB 2019 Finalists

Introducing the Miss Universe Great Britain 2019 finalists…

Here is the line-up of young women poised to take the Miss Universe Great Britain 2019 crown and represent the UK on the Miss Universe stage. They will compete in an action packed grand final weekend in Cardiff and Newport in South Wales from 11-13 July.

You can help your favourite contestant get a head-start on the leader board by voting here! In the case of a tie for any position in the competition, the public vote will also be referred to and the place will be awarded to the finalist with the highest public vote. Let’s get the party started and support the Miss Universe Great Britain 2019 contestants!

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Voting Terms & Conditions

The lines are open now and will close at 1pm on Friday 12 July 2019.

Votes can’t be made outside this voting period. Please note: Winning the public vote will not guarantee winning the entire competition. All voters must be over 18 and have the bill payer's permission.

Each voter has 1 free vote and can purchase extra voting packages. The vote package prices are presented in the voting. Votes can be made globally. If for any reason there is a discrepancy between the voting numbers advertised on the website and those advertised on facebook/media/radio or any other platform then the voting numbers on the website will prevail and the vote shall proceed on that basis.

Please note that it is not possible to vote via any other method not specified here. In the event of any technical difficulties or failure or for any other reason beyond the organisers reasonable control that means the public vote cannot be obtained, and/or a tie, the organiser will decide on the result and that result is final.

The winner of the public vote is not necessarily the winner of the competition.

Any promotion on ANY social network sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. MUST include vote charges - start and end date and time of the competition - and must state the following - Voters must be over 18 AND have the permission of the bill payer.

The organisers reserve the right to disqualify and replace any contestant should they not abide by the rules. The organisers also reserve the right to add to the line-up of contestants if deemed necessary. If you have a problem with voting then please email your voting problems to the helpline team at info@choicely.com.