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Miss Universe GB

Anna Burdzy - Miss Universe GB 2017

Anna Burdzy

Ann Burdzy is the reigning Miss Universe Great Britain.

Anna was born and raised in Leicestershire to Polish parents She is bilingual and is currently studying for a Masters in Human Rights Law in the University of Nottingham. She also works as a model in London.

Anna firmly believes that ‘you have two hands; one to help yourself, the second to help others’. She hopes her passion for the promotion and protection of human rights will lead her to work for the UN in the future, and to one day set up her own charity to promote education for girls.

Anna works closely with several charities, one with homeless people for who she actively does collections in order to buy food necessities, underwear and blankets.
Aside from modelling and studying law – she loves watching football with her dad, and supports Leicester City Football Club. She also loves to bake (and likes to think of herself as a younger Mary Berry). She also absolutely loves reading.

Anna enjoys travelling and has visited 25 different countries. She also adores animals. One of the reasons she took Human Rights Law Masters was because of the module regarding animal rights. Her first volunteer job when she was 13 was on a farm scooping up poo, collecting chicken’s eggs, feeding the animals and cleaning the pens

For Anna, 2017 is going to be an unforgettable year as she completes her Masters in Law and walks the Universe stage representing Great Britain.

If you would like Anna to attend your special event or to support your brand, please call the Miss Universe Great Britain national director on 07903 112663 or email


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